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Our mission is to support you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Connecting with a therapist you trust in NYC can feel like a wild-goose chase, but it doesn't have to.

Our founder Alyssa saw, after her own challenging therapist search and working in outpatient clinics as a social worker for two years, that people feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices that exist online. Understanding how therapists differ and what different psychotherapy jargon acronyms really mean is an art form (or, calls for a Master's degree).

We began with a simple mission: to take the time and emotional stress out of connecting with a compatible therapist. We envision a world where going to therapy is normal, encouraged, enjoyable, and accessible. 

Fast forward one year, over 10 corporate partnerships with organizations like Birchbox and The Muse, and over 1,500 therapist connections, and we're more certain than ever just how important chemistry and rapport are in ensuring you get the most out of your therapy.

It's no secret that chemistry is hard to pin down. When you are searching for a therapist on your own, you may feel stuck with the first (or only) therapist who responds to your voicemail. No more. We work with therapists who offer free phone consultations, so you can gauge your fit risk-free. Though we do recommend one therapist at a time, we work with you through as many recommendations as you need until you feel safe moving forward.

We understand that starting therapy calls for taking a leap. You're investing time, money, and energy into something that may be new, or may drudge up painful emotions. To ease your way, we look forward to regularly sharing therapy-related content on our blog and social, both from clients like Michelle sharing about their experience in therapy, and from therapists like Gabbie sharing about how therapy works and why they do what they do.

We know other things may be top of mind, like "Why doesn't my therapist take insurance?" and "How can I find the right therapist for me?" If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at connect@mywellbeing.us. We would love to talk it through with you.

Learn more and meet some of our therapists in What Is Therapy? below.


Therapists We Work With

Jon Abelack, Tessa Addison, Joseph Atanasio, Sherry Atanasio, Jesse Barbalato, Francesca Baslow, Raymond Batista, Julia Baum, Orly Bendavid, Joanne Bobes, Amy Brightman, Jor-El Caraballo, Christine Carville, Erica Cramer, Elizabeth Dederick, Haley Eakin, Arianna Eisenberg, Liz Ezra, James Farrat, Nathan Feiles, Erin Finnerty, Cristina Fort, Rachel Gersten, Jessica Glynn, Richard Handibode, Jr., Johna Hansen, Claire Hapke, Sheri Heller, Endri Horanlli, David Horne, Michael Jenkins, Dede Kammerling, Vanessa Kensing, Libby Kessman, Ruschelle Khanna, Jeffrey Kishner, Emmy Kleine, Melissa Lesan, Elizabeth Liekar, Heather Matzkowitz, Carolyn McCandlish, Marissa McMillin, Kacie Mitterando, Dina Molina, Raina Murphy, Gabbie Newman, Luis Nobrega, Elaine Oswald, Alison Pepper, Dan Perlman, Jesse Pietroniro, Amanda Polster, Kristen Quinones, Therese Ragen, Alex Rascovar, Zoe Reyes, Stefanie Robison, Julia Schaffer, Allison Schwartz, Zachary Shapiro, Gerard Shaw, Ariella Soffer, Yanette Tactuk, Marc Tallent, Maria Taveras, Ryan Trekell, Anthony Tshering, Sweta Venkataramanan, Michael Waldon, James Wells, Nick Werber, Raquele Williams, Desiree Woehrle, Irene Zelterman


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My Wellbeing partners with a number of corporate offices in New York City to heighten awareness of therapy and bring strengthened resources to you and your place of work.

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Alyssa Petersel, LMSW | Founder, CEO

Alyssa is a social worker, native New Yorker, and writer, passionate about identity development, resilience, human rights, trauma, and community building.

To read more about Alyssa and her journey toward My Wellbeing, read one of our newsworthy features.

We are eternally grateful for our invaluable team of hustlers and advisors.

My Wellbeing is a proud alum of NYU Leslie eLab's Summer Launchpad Accelerator 2017 and Rent the Runway & UBS's Project Entrepreneur 2018.



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