About Us

Our mission is to support you in becoming the best version of yourself.

We chose the name My Wellbeing because you are your biggest asset.
If your mind is not functioning at its best, your body, work, and relationships won't be, either.
But you are unique, and your care should be, too.

We are a community of therapists and mental health advocates in New York City,
here to help you understand what therapy is and how therapy can help you.

Often, when we are looking for a therapist, we are already in a painful place. The search can be confusing; it's challenging to know where to look and who to trust. We do our best to connect you with the right therapist for you, based on logistics, technique style, and temperament. We are by your side through your search, and will recommend as many therapists as you need to feel safe beginning a therapeutic relationship.

You may be new to therapy. Part of beginnings is learning about therapy and learning about yourself. Hear from Michelle, for example, who convinced herself for years she could handle everything on her own, but realized over time how much letting support in would enable her to grow.

Learn more and meet some of our therapists in What Is Therapy? below.


Therapists We Work With

Tessa Addison, Joseph Atanasio, Sherry Atanasio, Julia Baum, Francesca Baslow, Jesse Barbalato, Orly Bendavid, Amy Brightman, Jor-El Caraballo, Christine Carville, Anthony Cianci, Erica Cramer, Elizabeth Dederick, Denise Delph, Arianna Eisenberg, James Farrat, Nathan Feiles, Erin Finnerty, Cristina Fort, Rachel Gersten, Jessica Glynn, Richard Handibode, Jr., Johna Hansen, Claire Hapke, Sheri Heller, Endri Horanlli, David Horne, Michael Jenkins, Dede Kammerling, Vanessa Kensing, Libby Kessman, Ruschelle Khanna, Jeffrey Kishner, Emmy Kleine, Melissa Lesan, Heather Matzkowitz, Carolyn McCandlish, Marissa McMillin, Kacie Mitterando, Dina Molina, Raina Murphy, Gabbie Newman,Luis Nobrega, Elaine Oswald, Alison Pepper, Dan Perlman, Jesse Pietroniro, Kristen Quinones, Therese Ragen, Zoe Reyes, Stefanie Robison, Julia Schaffer, Allison Schwartz, Zachary Shapiro, Gerard Shaw, Ariella Soffer, Yanette Tactuk, Marc Tallent, Maria Taveras, Ryan Trekell, Anthony Tshering, Sweta Venkataramanan, Michael Waldon, James Wells, Raquele Williams, Desiree Woehrle, Irene Zelterman


Bring My Wellbeing to Work

My Wellbeing partners with a number of corporate offices in New York City to heighten awareness of therapy
and bring strengthened resources to you and your place of work.

Learn more about how My Wellbeing can help your team:
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We're so glad you're here.

Alyssa Petersel headshot2.png

Alyssa Petersel, LMSW | Founder, CEO

Alyssa is a social worker, native New Yorker, and writer, passionate about identity development, resilience, human rights, trauma, and community building.

To read more about Alyssa and her journey toward My Wellbeing, read one of our newsworthy features.

We are eternally grateful for our invaluable team of hustlers and advisors.

My Wellbeing is a proud alum of NYU Leslie eLab's Summer Launchpad Accelerator 2017 and Rent the Runway & UBS's Project Entrepreneur 2018.



We'd love to hear from you. Connect with the team at connect@mywellbeing.us. Follow us on social @findmywellbeing.
Or, learn more about therapy through our blog or frequently asked questions.

If you are interested in becoming more involved with the My Wellbeing team, email Alyssa at alyssa@mywellbeing.us with a brief description of your experience and why you think you'd be a great fit.

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