How My Wellbeing Can Help You and Your Team

To underscore CultureIQ’s eGuide: The Effects of Stress on Company Culture, chronic stress drives detrimental effects on work performance, productivity, company culture, and employee health.

Over 90% of employees report high levels of stress at work, leading to feeling anxious, depressed, or worried, and losing focus, productivity, and good health.

On average, employees have to call 10-15 therapists recommended by your EAP before receiving a call back or scheduling with an available therapist. With our help, your team members can connect with a compatible therapist easily, quickly, and with our support from start to finish.

Stronger wellbeing helps teams:

  • Perform better (80% of employers report wellness programs positively impact productivity and performance)
  • Retain good team members (Over 30% of employees leave work because of poor work/life balance)
  • Reduce absenteeism (Absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent)
  • Attract strong candidates (Over 65% employees believe good treatment of employees is central to job satisfaction)
  • Cut health costs (Medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs)

Learn more about how My Wellbeing can help you and your team here.

Read more about how therapy can help your team reduce burnout, reduce psychiatric symptoms of stress, reduce financial losses due to absenteeism, heighten self-esteem and improve workability through our founder Alyssa's October blog post.

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