Fees and logistics

Like any investment, therapy calls for a financial and emotional commitment. We work hard to provide the most accessible, affordable, high-quality care for you in New York City. 

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How much does My Wellbeing cost and what do you include?

The My Wellbeing service is free for you, the therapy-seeker. We will offer you one therapist recommendation at a time to be as anxiety-reducing and intentional as possible. We continue to guide and support you until you connect with a therapist you feel safe with who suits your needs. You receive personalized support from your My Wellbeing guide from start to finish during your search.

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How much does therapy cost?

As hard as this answer is, it depends.

The average cost of one session with a private practice psychotherapist in New York City is $275. Therapists in the My Wellbeing community are on average $100 more affordable at $175 per session.

Therapists in the My Wellbeing community offer fees as low as $80 per session and as high as $250 per session.

We cannot guarantee a match based on insurance. More on this below. Out of Network Reimbursement from your insurance plan may lower therapy fees, on average, between 50-80%.

Fee varies with a therapist's experience or years of practice, technique, and style. You will have the most options if you are able to invest $175 per session in your care.

Why don't you accept insurance?

Most therapists in New York City do not accept insurance in-network because insurance providers do not pay therapists a living wage. Reimbursement rates have not been raised in decades, despite heightening living and business costs.

Moreover, insurance companies require extensive paperwork submissions from therapists. This is both time-consuming and requires a diagnosis of a mental illness, which does not always apply. This diagnosis remains with you throughout your life, which many individuals and therapists prefer to avoid.

To ensure that both you and your therapist are positioned for the best possible relationship and care, we encourage you to consider investing in therapy outside of insurance. Your options will skyrocket and both you and your therapist will have a more authentic, liberating experience.

Using out of network benefits to lower session fees

You may be eligible to be reimbursed 50-100% of the cost of each session by your insurance, especially if you use a PPO plan, depending on your specific benefits. For example, if the therapist fee is $175, you may only owe $35-$87.

Often, therapists are willing and able to accept your post-reimbursement fee. The therapist will file and manage the Out of Network reimbursement paperwork for you.

Not sure what your benefits are?

That's okay, many of us aren't sure. Begin by calling the number on your insurance card and asking the following questions:

  • What is my Out of Network reimbursement rate for routine behavioral health services?
  • What is my deductible, and how much of my deductible have I already met?

If you would like to use Out of Network benefits, and feel burdened by the process of the paperwork, check out Better. You submit a picture of your invoice, Better processes your claim for you, and you receive 90% of your reimbursement. It can be that easy.

Low-fee options

Therapists in the My Wellbeing community offer sliding scales as low as $80 per session. My Wellbeing also partners with community clinics and institutes, where fees can be as low as $35 per session, and most insurances are accepted in-network. 

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